Gaiam Releases 3 New Yoga DVDs

Focused on three different styles of yoga, Gaiam released new DVDs for both the beginner and the experienced yogi.

Rodney Yee Power Up Yoga – A combination of cardio and strength-focused yoga practices from renowned yogi Rodney Yee, this new DVD takes a total-fitness based approach to yoga, emphasizing strength and flexibility. It is designed to increase one’s overall fitness level.

CorePower Yoga: Calorie Blast Yoga – This new DVD brings three ultra-efficient toning and fat burning yoga workouts that can be done at home. The three routines ignite one’s metabolism and burn calories to transform the body from the inside out.

Maya Fiennes Yoga for Real Beauty – Offering a fun, uplifting and inspirational routine, this DVD is designed to stimulate all of the chakras, or energy centers in the body, in order to achieve happiness and harmony. Following the Kundalini practice, Maya Fiennes uses powerful motions, chanting, and breathing to help viewers create and welcome beauty into their life.


Gaiam Releases Two New Yoga DVDs

Two new yoga DVDs are now available from Gaiam featuring Rodney Yee and Maya Fiennes. The first, “Rodney Yee’s Core Centered Yoga” helps views learn the importance of the core center in getting fit and finding balance in the mind, body and spirit. Featuring five different workouts ranging from 7 minutes to 15 minutes, it also includes a bonus download called “Life Balance Meditation,” which is 5 minutes long.

“I am very excited for the release of Core Centered Yoga because it is a concept I have always been passionate about,” Yee said. “It has been a great experience to once again work with Gaiam to create this DVD, which teaches how to be in sync with the core to build strength through fluid alignment and mindfulness.”

The second new release is “Maya Fiennes’ Yoga for Real Life,” which is based a 60-minute DVD based on Kundalini yoga. Fiennes, a successful classical pianist and performer, takes viewers through a series of exercises to awaken the chakra energy centers of the body via breathing techniques, movements and mantras.

Gaiam Revamps Rodney Yee’s A.M. & P.M. Yoga for Beginners DVD

Gaiam Inc. released a new version of “Rodney Yee’s A.M. & P.M. Yoga for Beginners,” featuring updates to the original routines, and incorporating meditation into the practices. The new DVD features two workouts to strengthen, balance and revitalize mind and body.

Rodney leads the A.M. practice, guiding viewers through a series of energizing poses to help wake up the body and focus the mind, while his wife, Colleen Saidman, leads the P.M. practice designed to help users wind down at the end of a busy day. The DVD also provides meditation practices for both the morning and evening to enhance each practice.

“I teamed up with Gaiam to create this new DVD for two main reasons,” said Yee. “First, to provide an updated practice for all the fans of the original A.M. & P.M. Yoga DVD, and secondly, to introduce yoga to a new audience looking for both a beginner program and a complete experience from movement to meditation.”

A.M. & P.M. Yoga for Beginners features the following two workouts, plus 2 downloadable meditation practices:

  • A.M. Energize (25 minutes) Wake up with the gentle waves of the ocean and follow along with Rodney Yee as he presents an A.M. practice to center and balance the body while providing focus and energy.
  • P.M. Unwind (25 minutes) Shake off the burdens of the day and release tension with Colleen’s evening practice. This restorative P.M. practice will help transition from the business of the day to a peaceful, restful evening.
  • Bonus Download: Mindful Meditations (10 minutes) Experience two very different meditations, one for the morning and one for the evening. Learn to breathe, relax and take control of your life.

Rodney Yee’s A.M. and P.M. Yoga for Beginners has an approximate runtime of 50 minutes and a suggested retail price of $14.98. The DVD is now available online and in stores.

Gaiam Launches “Mayo Clinic Wellness Solutions” Apps

Specifically for Arthritis, Type 2 Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, High Blood Pressure, Heart Health, Insomnia, Back Pain, Menopause, Weight Loss and I.B.S., Gaiam launched new iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch apps in partnership with Mayo Clinic.

“We worked with an interdisciplinary team of experts at Mayo Clinic to develop content that offers a holistic approach to dealing with everyday ailments, and are thrilled to make this available in a new, technologically advanced format,” said Bill Sondheim, President of Gaiam. “Our goal in working with Mayo Clinic was to create a program that takes a combined approach to providing medical and overall health and wellness practices that can be incorporated into a person’s everyday life, for longer, more sustaining results.”

Each app is hosted by Dr. Brent Bauer, the director of complementary and integrative medicine at Mayo Clinic, and begins with an introduction by a Mayo Clinic specialist sharing important information on the specific condition, followed by both conventional and alternative therapy options.

Additionally, a Gaiam health and wellness expert will then lead users through a series of meditative, restorative and stress-relieving activities tailored to each condition, and
each app includes an interactive tool that introduces stress management strategies.

Many of the apps include Dr. Donald Hensrud, chair of preventive medicine at Mayo Clinic, from leading a grocery shopping trip to sharing smart ways to eat healthy every day. And Mayo Clinic dietitians provide tips for making meal planning simple.

And if that wasn’t enough, each app also includes Gaiam’s Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman, America’s most recognized yoga instructors, leading a simple session of gentle, invigorating yoga and stress-relieving meditation that is tailored to each condition.

They all offer on-the-go video playback, which doesn’t require a Wi-Fi connection after download, and chapter driven and interactive searches to find sections quickly. It even includes the ability to take notes!

Trudie Styler Launches Weight Loss Yoga App

After the release of her sixth DVD, “Trudie Styler’s Weight Loss,” from Gaiam Inc., actress, producer and environmental activist – and wife of Sting – released an app called “Trudie Styler’s Weight Loss Yoga,” through iTunes, with her personal celebrity trainer, James D’Silva.

The app offers four focused workouts to help users achieve healthy and permanent weight loss, while transforming the body from the inside out, according to Gaiam. These include:

— Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss (18 minutes) – It promotes a leaner, stronger and more energetic body by focusing on traditional standing yoga poses that cleanse and strengthen.

— Total Body Yoga (24 minutes) – This adds extra
challenge, working all the major muscles and building upper-body, lower-body and core strength.

— Yoga Abs (15 minutes) – This exercise concentrates on
strengthening the core muscles while trimming the waist and improving posture and balance.

— Chair Yoga (35 minutes) – This is an easy-to-follow routine, perfect for those new to yoga or easing back into the practice.

Additional bonus features include an interview with Trudie, filmed at the Lake House, the beautiful English estate Trudie shares with her husband, Sting, where she shares tips for living a healthy lifestyle and leads a 15-minute bonus meditation practice that can fit into any hectic schedule.

Also included is an interview with Dr. Alejandro Junger,
author of the best-selling diet detox book “The CLEAN Diet.” And Trudie and Sting’s personal chef, Joseph Sponzo, provides a two-week weight-loss meal plan, with healthy recipes for every meal (including snacks) and daily nutrition tips.