Good Night Yoga: A Pose by Pose Bedtime Story by Mariam Gates

Aimed at early to middle childhood, this new children’s book is more than a bedtime story — it’s also a series of simple yoga poses for children to move through before bed.

The author, Mariam Gates, has more than 20 years experience as a teacher, and channels her dedication for teaching yoga and her skills as an educator to guide children in accessing their inner world through Kid Power Yoga, which she founded and now offers teacher training programs worldwide.

This book offers both parents and children a practice to end their day in a calm and mindful way.

National Yoga-Recess-Day Brings Mind/Body Fitness to Children January 25

Yoga-Recess is a project of the Yoga Health Foundation, and a national awareness campaign that reaches thousands of children nationwide, bringing mind-body fitness and health to classrooms, after-school programs, community centers and youth organizations.

On January, 25, 2013, the organization is celebrating National Yoga Recess Day. The program offers schools the ability to bring health and fitness – and the added bonus of mind-body awareness – into the classroom, allowing students to develop the ability to focus and calm their minds, as well as release daily stresses that negatively affect their health, well-being and academic performance.

The program provides free online resources like instructional videos, lesson plans and more to teachers to use in their classrooms.

A regular yoga practice can:

  • Enhance ability to focus and stay on task
  • Improve behavior & self-discipline
  • Decrease anxiety & depression
  • Aid with weight loss
  • Boost self-confidence, creativity & communication skills
  • Improve overall health, well-being and mental function

For more information and to register for free access to instructional videos and more, visit, and