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La Costa Resort & Spa and The Chopra Center Offer Workplace Wellbeing Program

The Chopra Center for Wellbeing, headquartered at La Costa Resort and Spa in southern California, introduced a new curriculum of specialized programs to teach groups how to implement daily wellness into the workplace through teachings customized by Dr. Deepak Chopra, and developed to inspire creativity and maximize wellbeing, the company announced.

The Chopra Center Workplace Wellbeing program looks at the person as a whole, focusing on the physical, emotional and spiritual layers for a productive and balanced professional and personal lifestyle. Placing wellness first and the workplace second, the program integrates ancient teachings with modern science.

The new multi-faceted curriculum is offered in the following six categories:

Inspired Leadership – Unleash the potential for creativity, organizing power and sense of unity.

Stress Management – Tap into inner silence and wisdom with breathing and meditation practices.

Move & Energize – Chair yoga teachings invigorate the body and clear a busy mind.

Work-life Balance – Learn your unique mind-body type and discover how to alleviate imbalance.

Communication – Improve skills for relationship building and conflict resolution at work and home.

Nutrition – Discover how simple, mindful eating habits affect health, energy and balance.

As part of any meetings itinerary taking place at La Costa Resort & Spa, groups can choose from the above programs for 90-minute, half-day, full-day or multi-day teachings. Additionally, yoga, meditation, massage and medical consultations can be included as optional add-ons to any curriculum.

“The Workplace Wellbeing program integrates the connection between mind and body, with the ultimate goal of attaining a healthy work-life balance,” said Sara Harvey, chief operating officer of the Chopra Center. “The technologically advanced meeting facilities of La Costa combined with the beautiful grounds of the resort is the perfect setting in which to learn how to live a healthy, vibrant lifestyle personally and professionally.”

For more information on The Chopra Center Workplace Wellbeing programs or to make reservations, call The Chopra Center at (888) 736-6895 or visit www.chopra.com/workwell.

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