The Absolute Source Organic Pink Fijian Ginger Tea

Created by Wakaya Perfection, Absolute Source Organic Pink Fijian ginger tea is made with rare and proprietary 100 percent organic pink Fijian seed, which is hand-cultivated in a nutrient enriched, pristine, virgin volcanic soul on the private island of Wakaya in Fiji, according to the company.

Recently endorsed by and being sold through the Chopra Center, the tea will help to strengthen the body’s digestion, ease nausea, support the absorption of nutrients and eliminate harmful toxins, according to the company.

We tried it and loved it! The taste has a sweetness to it, and it doesn’t get too strong when you leave the tea bag in it. It is caffeine free, and each box comes with 20 tea sachets for $25.50. The Chopra Center is also carrying the company’s Pink Fijian Ginger Incense.

Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra Launch New 21-Day Meditation: Finding Your Flow

Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra announced the launch of their latest, all-new meditation experience “Finding Your Flow,” a free 21-day meditation experience beginning Monday, April 14.

Registration is now open at:

“Our next 21-Day Meditation Experience takes a quantum leap forward,” said Deepak Chopra. “‘Finding Your Flow’ deepens the experience as we move our life into the lightness of being.”

“Oprah & Deepak’s 21-Day Meditation Experience” is co-produced by Harpo Studios and The Chopra Center, and so far more than 2.6 million people in over 200 countries have participated in past experiences, including: ‘Creating Abundance,’ ‘Perfect Health,’ ‘Miraculous Relationships’ and ‘Desire and Destiny.’

The new series, “Finding Your Flow,” will feature both Oprah and Deepak Chopra guiding listeners through an audio meditation each day, along with a series of thought-provoking reflection questions designed to anchor the teachings.

The meditations are accessible via a mobile phone, tablet or computer, and include a private, interactive journal feature to record progress.

What participants can expect out of the 21-Day Meditation Experience: Finding Your Flow:

Week One – Begin to understand the energy within you and awaken the powerful flow available to us in every moment.

Week Two – Activate the seven key energy centers that lie within each of us.

Week Three – Experience the transformation and harness the magnificent flow created by you, moving towards joy, love and fulfillment.

To register, visit:


Deepak Chopra & Eckhart Tolle Talk Consciousness & the Present Moment – Part 2


As part of The Chopra Center’s “Seduction of Spirit” retreat at La Costa Resort & Spa in Carlsbad, Calif., on April 24, 2013, EckhartTolleTV hosted a live-streaming event called “A Conversation with Deepak Chopra and Eckhart Tolle.”

Who is Looking?
Following Tolle, Chopra took the stage and immediately picked up where he left off. “Right at this moment, as you are about to listen to me, just turn your attention to who is listening. You are looking at me. Turn your attention to who is looking. That is you. That has always existed,” he said to the audience.

That consciousness or “the one who is listening” has been with us all along, and is essentially timeless, he explained. “Time is just the movement of thought that creates a subject and object split. Transcendence is simply going beyond the subject object split – which is an artificial split, and the cause of every single problem that we know.”

Coming from the Vedanta tradition, known as Hindu philosophy, Chopra spoke of the five kleshas known as the cause of suffering. These are:

1. Not knowing who you are

2. The addiction and craving for permanence in a world that is inherently impermanent

3. The fear of impermanence

4.. Identifying with your self-image – all the labels, evaluations, judgments, ideas and concepts collected since birth – instead of your true self

5.  The fear of death, which is also the fear of the unknown.

In the real world – the world of consciousness – there are not objects, said Chopra. Objects exist through perception. Another way of putting it is to say, “there are no nouns, only verbs,” he explained. “The universe is a verb. It’s an activity. It never stops.”

All suffering comes from nouns – or things – that don’t really exist, he told the audience. When looking at the five kleshas, or causes of suffering, all of them are contained in the first one – not knowing who we really are, which is essentially consciousness.

“You can’t find this presence by looking for it because it’s the one that is looking. You can’t find consciousness by looking for it because consciousness is the one that is looking,” Chopra explained.

Quoting Rumi, he said “who am I in the middle of all this though traffic.” He explained many of us identify with the traffic instead of the presence around it. We are always looking outside of ourselves for happiness – be it the right person, the right job, winning the lottery, perfect health – and all of this is thought.

“Before the thought arises you are already happy and after the though subsides you are exactly where you started from,” he noted. “Happiness or joy is the starting point, and it’s also the ending point.”

Chopra spoke about an acronym SIFT created by Dan Siegel, which stands for Sensation, Image, Feeling and Thought. These things occur within consciousness, but consciousness is always present with them.

“People ask where do I go when I die? Let me ask you a question,” he said to a person in the audience. “What did you have for lunch today?” The answer was a salad, and Chopra explained the memory came back to her through SIFT, an image, a feeling or a thought. “Where was that image before I asked you the question?”

He said traditional neuroscientists would say the image was in the brain, but they can’t answer where memory is stored at the cellular level. “Do you think if I went into your brain I could see that picture?” he asked the audience member. “So where do we go when we die? We go where the salad was before I asked you the question,” he joked. “We don’t go anywhere because we are there all the time.”

What we call the physical world – the one we experience with our five senses – is awareness within awareness, he said. If we could anchor ourselves in the “space” that Tolle spoke about prior, we can find a new and more joyful experience open to us.

“It’s your ticket to freedom,” said Chopra. “Why? Because it’s the you that never dies.”

Deepak’s Retreat
Chopra shared an experience he had at a retreat in Thailand two years ago in a monastery. Everyone there shaved their heads and eyebrows, went begging for food and shared one meal a day. The remainder of the time was spent in silence and “observing impermanence.”

“It had a dramatic effect on all of us because it threw us into presence,” he told the audience. “When we were leaving, the senior Abbott left us with two things, and I want to leave you with them.”

1.There are no boundaries in the universe. Every boundary is conceptual. In reality there are no boundaries. We create them, just like we create longitude and latitude for convenience.

2. The present moment is the only moment that never ends. Situations and circumstances around the present moment will change, but the moment won’t change because it’s timeless. It’s transcendent. It’s eternal.

“The most important moment of your life is now. The most important person in your life is the one you are with now, and the most important activity in your life is the one you are involved with now,” said Chopra. “If you do that, the unknown will become known to you. The unknown is actually known only in the present moment. Death happens only in time. Only that which is born dies; that which is never born cannot die.”

The Chopra Center Giving Away Free DVD on Chopra Centered Lifestyle

Called “The Practice,” the new DVD available for free (plus $5.99 shipping & handling) from The Chopra Center offers 80-minutes of instruction on the foundational teachings of the Chopra Center.

The teachings include the Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga, chair yoga, guided meditations by Deepak Chopra, and Five Ways to Live a Balance Life. The DVD is also available as a digital download.

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Chopra Center’s New 21-Day Free Meditation Challenge: Creating Abundance

Starting on November 5, 2012, the Chopra Center is offering 21 days of free guided meditations to those who register. A new meditation is posted to the Web each day, and while the summer challenge was focused on love, this theme of this one is creating abundance.

Through guided meditations each day, participants will “discover and leverage the secrets to attracting abundance,” according to best-selling author, Deepak Chopra.

Sign up for free, and make the 21-day commitment to mediation and more abundance in all areas of your life!

The Chopra Center Introduces 7 Spiritual Laws of Yoga Retreat

The Chopra Center is premiering its new retreat this January dedicated to yoga. Dubbed “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga Retreat,” it promises to deepen the practice of yoga, meditation and mindful awareness.

Taking place January 17-20, 2013 at La Costa Resort & Spa in Carlsbad, Calif – Chopra Center headquarters – it features a variety of teachers, including Claire Diab, the founder of the American Yoga Academy, and a yoga and fitness specialist. The retreat is designed for all levels of practitioners, from beginner to experienced yogi, and even includes a chair yoga option in every class.

“The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga is a consciousness-based yoga practice that combines asana, meditation, mantras and pranayama with the timeless principles presented in Deepak Chopra’s best-selling guide, “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success,” according to the Chopra Center Web site.

The retreat also includes special all-inclusive pricing that also factors in the stay at La Costa Resort. For more information visit