Creating Romantic Abundance in Your Life

By Amy Leigh Mercree

If you are reading this article, you have access to the Internet and most likely a safe place quiet enough for you to indulge in some reading for entertainment and personal enhancement. You have time to devote to leisure and recreational activities, including reading, which means you are rich compared to much of the world’s population.

We are incredibly abundant in our lives, yet, for many there is an emptiness to be filled. We seek to fill it with romantic love, things and interaction. Some of us search for spiritual connection to fill the emptiness, but many are living with a sense of lack within.

How can we be so abundant, but live in varying states of internal lack?

It has become the norm in society to cultivate cravings and then endeavor to fill them. We need those new skinny jeans for a night out – then we’ll feel beautiful and like we fit in. We have to have those special face cleansing cloths to pamper our skin after a workout – then we will give our face the best and prove to ourselves we are worthy of the very best.

What if we could step outside of the hamster wheel of external validation? What if we could find our worth within? What if we could be filled with the divine power of our own uniqueness? How would our lives change?

Well, we would live from our creative souls and from a sense of sharing and community, and could think in terms of interconnection among all life. And we can start this mindset blooming within our beings now.

Start with a nightly list in your journal of 30 things you are grateful for in your life. Look at how abundant you are! Record each night what you are grateful for, and feel the blessings of your life with your heart. The more attention you place on the positive, the more positive you create in your life. It’s simple, natural law. Your attention creates your reality.

You are also romantically abundant whether you are coupled or single. Take a gratitude inventory of all the love and caring in your life. Do you feel love between you and your sister’s dog? Between you and a close friend? Between you and a coworker? Did you help your mother clean her car? Did you share a smile with a neighbor? Did you snuggle with your boss’s cat when you stopped by to feed her? Did your best friend send you a sweet card? There is love everywhere. There is caring flowing between people, animals and plants all around you. Interconnection is a Web designed to help you experience loving abundance. Let yourself tap into it!

When you choose to experience interconnection and loving abundance, you give your romantic life a boost. When you notice and identify those moments of abundance and express your appreciation and thanks for them, you exponentialize them. You harness the electrical charge and energy they contain, and it infuses your life – including your love life. You can create romantic abundance today by counting your blessings and choosing to experience love and caring each day. Share your love, experience true abundance, and romance will follow.

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