VIDEO: A Common Way the Universe Communicates With Us

Did you know the Universe is constantly communicating with you?

It’s ALWAYS directing  you, guiding you and helping you. The problem is, you don’t always recognize it!

What I’m most passionate about, and focusing many of my teachings on, is creating a dialogue with the universe. This means, not only learning how to communicate to the Universe, but also learning how it communicates back to us.

In this video, I share one way the Universe communicates — and it’s a big clue that it’s trying to tell you something!

Once you know what to look for, you can get the message and act on it!

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Tammy Mastroberte: Uncovering & Understanding Signs & Synchronicities

by Jennifer McCartney

How would your life change if you knew everything in it – the positive and the seemingly negative – was happening for your ultimate good? The truth is there are no accidents or coincidences in life. There are only circumstances and events we have not yet discovered the meaning for, and by learning to uncover and understand the signs and synchronicities sent to us from the universe (and our loved ones in spirit), we can reinforce our faith, live with joy, and experience life as a series of miracles, rather than random chaos that causes suffering.

Founder of Elevated Existence and editorial director of the award-winning Elevated Existence Magazine, Tammy Mastroberte taught a bonus class as part of the “Living an Elevated Existence Mind, Body & Soul Summit Season 2,” where she shared a number of her tips to uncover and understand the signs and synchronicity in our lives, including:

  • Common ways signs & synchronicity show up in your life
  • Tips to increase your awareness of these in your life
  • Common ways our loved ones communicate from “the other side”
  • How to uncover synchronicity in your past to help with your future

To begin, Mastroberte explained the universe works by sending us clues or hints in our daily lives. These little clues let us know we’re on the right track or they guide us back to the right path, but we must be open and aware in order to recognize them. Whenever we find ourselves saying things, such as “What a coincidence?” “That was perfect timing” “How strange or weird that this happened,” or “How lucky I was,” it is “usually not luck, but something greater than you, working for you,” she assured listeners.

She began the class with the four beliefs that set the foundation for what she teaches:

1. There are no accidents and no coincidences. “From the guy who cut you off in traffic last week to the horrible relationship that just ended, and even the timing of that ending,” she said, are all part of the plan God, Source or the Universe has for us. “Everything that happens in your life has meaning, even if you have not found it yet.”

2. We don’t die. Only our human body dies. The soul and the spirit truly lives on. Our loved ones that have passed are still with us. “If we are still here in this physical world, its because our job and our lessons are not done yet,” she said.

3. Whether you call it universe, god, or spirit—it always has your back. No matter how far you stray from your path, no matter how many wrong turns, the universe will continue to reroute you to the best path, she said. And how do we get rerouted? Through signs and synchronicities.

4. We are never alone. “We have help available to us in the form of the universe, angels, guides, or those that have crossed over,” Mastroberte shared, explaining she envisions these helpful energies as a boardroom of people, waiting to be called on to brainstorm and help with anything we need.

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So what is synchronicity? How do we learn to recognize it? Synchronicity as an experience of two or more events as meaningfully related, Mastroberte said. The events don’t have to be simultaneous—they can be years apart. Sometimes the pattern is only clear in retrospect as you trace events from the past.

She shared an example of deciding to incorporate green juice into our lives. Maybe, we’ve read about it and know the benefits, but have not committed to it yet. Then, we are in the bookstore browsing shelves and happen to find a book about green juice we decide to buy. Later that day, our friend calls and tells us about this great green juice she just tried. Later that week, we are flipping the channels and find a documentary about a man who changed his life through juicing. These things are not coincidence—they are an example of synchronicity, and the universe giving us a nudge towards the right path.

“There really is this force that’s guiding the circumstances of our lives,” Mastroberte said.

In order to fully understand how synchronicity is operating in our daily lives, she shared an exercise called, “Follow the Footsteps” to mine our past for examples and instances of synchronicity that has already taken place. “The universe knows where you’re going, what you need to accomplish your goal, and who can help you, and the best way to uncover and understand this is mining the past for where it has already happened,” she explained.

We can start by picking a major life event—it could be the date we got married, the day we met our significant other, or the day we started college or a new job. We can begin to trace the connections by asking the following questions: How did I end up here? How did this event happen? Why did this event happen? What led me here? Who led me here? What happened next? By picking an event and tracing it back, you can see how the seemingly small and unconnected events in our life brought us to where we are now.

“You will start to see everything is connected,” she said, explaining once we can see the synchronicity operating in our lives, we begin to uncover proof that the universe does indeed have our back, that everything has a purpose and a meaning, and this helps us have more faith in our present and future, no matter what the circumstances may be at the moment. “We can be happy and we can be joyful, if we allow it,” she said.

Becoming Aware of Signs
Signs are also important to watch for in our daily lives. Unlike synchronicity, a sign is a single event that lets us know we are on the right path, or steers us in the direction we need to take, where synchronicity is two or more events. We can receive signs form our angels, guides and the universe or sprit, as well as signs as communication for a loved one who has passed on. Our loved ones want us to know they are O.K., and are still around us and aware of what is going on in our lives. They also want to help and guide us when they can, and will use signs in this way as well.

Signs from loved ones can show up in a number of ways, including a song on the radio, a particular flower with a special meaning to you, a light flickering in your home, a feather in your path, and even a literal sign you pass on by on the highway on your way to work—anything can be a sign meant just for us, she explained.

“If that sign means something to you and that loved one, they will use it,” Mastroberte said. “They will often use things familiar to you.” Our loved ones will do whatever it takes to get the sign across, she assured us.

We can also get signs from our angels, guides and the universe directing us where to go next, or reassuring us on our path. These happen every day, but many of us either don’t recognize them, or don’t believe them as a sign.

“If you’re getting a sign, and you think it’s a sign, accept it,” said Mastroberte. “It’s not a coincidence.”

She also offered a number of tips to increase our receptivity to the signs and synchronicities around us. One of the top tips is to mediate. The goal is to increase our awareness overall and slow down the mind in order to do this. She also recommended keeping a journal.

“From the present moment forward you can start jotting down things in your phone or a journal that you can refer back to,” she says. Once these events are recorded you can flip back through your entries to make the connections, and reinforce your belief in them. This will help to recognize more in the future, and even make connections from what you have written down.

Once we become more open to receiving and recognizing signs from the universe, and we realize how guided we are in all that we do, we can begin to understand that what looks like chaos now will eventually turn into meaning, and that no matter what happens in life, we will be O.K.

“The more that you become aware of [signs and synchronicities] in your own life the more that you will get,” she shared.

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