VIDEO: Boost Your Vibration in 24 Hours — Gratitude Exercise

If I asked you where is your vibration right now, could you answer me? Do you know exactly what level you are vibrating right now?

Knowing and managing your vibration is key to not only feeling good (and who doesn’t want that?!) but to lining up with your desires so they flow easily to you, and becoming aware of the signs and synchronicities the Universe, your guides and angels are sending to you to point you in the right direction!

Odds are you have heard about the power of gratitude at this point, and maybe you even have a gratitude journal of your own. But how are you at maintaining your gratitude AND a high vibration throughout your day?

In this video, I share an exercise to help you do both!

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VIDEO: 10-Minute Manifestation with Tammy Mastroberte

If I could help you speed up your manifestation process, and it only required 10 minutes per day, could you find the time to do it?

Would you find the time to do it?

In this video, I share a tip I got years ago when I interviewed bestselling author Jack Canfield, who was in the movie The Secret, and teaches on the law of attraction and success.

And it only takes 10 minutes each day.

In fact, you could even break it up into 5 minutes twice per day.

In the below video I share it with you, and check out the links under the video for more tips when it comes to manifestation!

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