Law of Attraction: Shifting the Paradigm to Manifest

By Sherry Winn

Let’s start off by defining a paradigm? It is the reality in which you live. In other words, it is the model, the pattern and the template of how you perceive the world. In order to find success in the law of attraction, you need to shift how you experience the world.

For example, let’s take goal setting. You have probably planned and took action, and there have been times life sent you three curveballs in a row. You may have perceived these as something outside of yourself, and outside of your ability to control. You may have believed that no matter how much you planned, it really didn’t matter. Life had rules of its own.

This is your model. You have lived it and heard it all your life. You believe you can control your reactions to events, but you don’t have the power to control the events themselves.

You’ve based your entire life on having a positive attitude, seeking the best within situations. You’ve been able to take difficult situations and find happiness within them. You feel good about this. And you should. You are happier and more joyful, but you are not living the dreams you desire. You are accepting life as it is.

Is this bad? No. It is a great step toward living your dreams because you are raising your vibration by being positive. Having high vibrations are a crucial step toward attracting what you want.

However, there is a difference between believing you have to accept what you have now and finding happiness within it, and intentionally raising your vibration knowing you are not yet where you want to be.

Total Responsibility
In order to live the law of attraction, you need to believe you are absolutely responsible for ALL things that happen to you — the good and the bad. OUCH! When I first heard this, I balked at the idea. Who wants to believe they are attracting being fired, chronic pain, or being dumped by a partner?

I know for a fact, I never said, “I want to develop chronic pain and live in agony for years.” Who would say that? I do know, though, that I believed the following:

  • Life wasn’t fair.
  • Bad things happened to good people.
  • You don’t get to choose your life. You get to choose your attitude.
  • Whatever will be will be. The future is not ours to see. (K-surah, surah)
  • We don’t get everything we want. Life doesn’t work that way.
  • There is not enough good to go around, so some people get stuck with the bad.

Can you see where my paradigm was stuck? Even though I didn’t want chronic pain or to get fired, I believed in a philosophy of life that determined the way I saw the world. I expected life to be unfair. I anticipated pain. I believed certain unpleasant things were just going to happen to me.

Due to my belief system, I was attracting what I thought about most of the time. I was responsible for creating the emotional and physical pain I felt.

Acknowledging the Creator Within
In order to live the law of attraction, a true shift had to take place. I had to believe I had more power than I realized. This was scary to acknowledge I was born with a gift to create. I was a creator.

You, too, are a creator. We create with our thoughts, which determine our actions. Imagine what would happen if you shifted your belief system to include total responsibility. What would happen if you were able to change your thoughts to believe you had the power to create your life, not just accept it?

What would happen if you changed your philosophy like I changed mine?

  • Life is fair.
  • Things happen because we attract them.
  • You get to choose your life by changing your thoughts.
  • The future is ours to create.
  • We get what we believe we can have.
  • There is more than enough. We can all live abundantly.

Can you see now how a shift in paradigm can change how the law of attraction works for you?

Sherry Winn - The Law of AttractionSherry Winn is an author, EFT Practitioner, Certified Law of Attraction and Master Life Coach and a motivational speaker, whose topics include “Making the Impossible Possible,” “Loving Challenges,” and “Catching Your Dreams.” As a former elite athlete competing at the Olympic Games in 1984 and 1988 in the sport of team handball and head collegiate coach for 23 years, she possesses a deep passion for helping others become motivated to reach their highest levels of success.

Winn overcame her fears and limitations when she contracted chronic pain at the age of 33 and was told by 17 different medical professionals there was no answer. Through books, meditation, mentors and Webinars, she discovered the power of healing through positive thinking. 

To receive a free 50-minute Law of Attraction coaching session, or more information about Winn, she can be contacted by email at, through her website at or on Facebook.