Morgana Rae: 6 Steps to Irresistible Money Magnetism

by Jennifer McCartney

Does money love you? Or is your relationship with money a mess? Morgana Rae is an internationally bestselling author of “Financial Alchemy: Twelve Months of Magic and Manifestation” and money guru who will walk you through 6 time-tested steps to turn your personal Money Monster of scarcity into a Money Honey of abundance. She spoke with Tammy Mastroberte, founder of Elevated Existence Magazine during the “Living an Elevated Existence Mind, Body & Soul Summit Season 2” to explain how to let go of financial anxiety and take a step towards wealth.

Morgana explained that money is actually a “made up” concept we all agree upon to make the world go round, and is also one of the most challenging things we face as adults—how to get it, manage it, attract it, respect it and be at peace with it. She discounted the myth that just by working hard we’ll automatically be financially successful—it’s much more complicated than that, she noted.

“Even if you work really hard, have a great diploma, a great website…that doesn’t guarantee you financial success,” she said. “Sometimes, it can feel like we have super human powers to repel money.”

The first step to bringing in abundance is “to get rid of the stuff that’s preventing you from being a money magnet.” All of this creates what Morgana calls our money monster—someone we all must meet so we can do away with them for good. She asks clients to actually make money a person, and explained the first time she did this she saw a scary biker and realized that is why she was struggling to let money into her life for so long. Who would want a scary biker to come into their lives?

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Morgana laid out her six-step plan for helping those on their own journey to financial freedom.

1. Uncover the root cause of your money issues. It usually involves something relating to our feelings of worth, love and security. Maybe a relative stole from you when you were younger. Maybe you were teased as a child and have grown up to feel unworthy of receiving money. Maybe you have money, but are fearful of losing it—crippling your ability to live life free of money worries. “The more money you have, the higher the stakes,” she said. “To find the real root cause you’ll dig deep to find whatever life event has the most pain around it.”

2. Personify your money monster. Who is it? How do they act? Why are we fearful of them? Once you see the creepy person she or he is, then your situation makes more sense. The number one excuse Morgana sees in her work for what somebody can’t have, do or be, is that they don’t have enough money—a sentiment that compounds our problems. “Every time you say “I can’t afford it,” it’s like we’re feeding the money monster.”

3. Get rid of your money monster. Kill it by any means necessary—if you aren’t sure if it’s gone, there’s probably still something there. Keep trying.

4. Meet your money honey. This is your positive money relationship. It’s a partner that loves you and accepts you. “Of course it’s really you…we only know the world through our own experience,” Morgana said.

5. Have a conversation with your money honey. Learn to love and respect it. You have the power in the relationship. Ask it, “What do you need from me?”

6. Take action. “If you want physical results, you need to take physical action.”

She assures people who are in debt, afraid of money, and feel hopeless, that’s she’s been there-and these steps can work for them, too. “For those of you that are in the panic, with the dark night of the soul with your finances and your circumstances, first—congratulations. The money monster is so up close for you that this process can be easier faster, and the most dramatic for you….you actually have an advantage.”

Whether you’re a single mother with a mountain of debt or are someone that cringes at the idea of charging for your services, even when those services are your livelihood, Morgana assures us that no matter what our money issue, it’s a cycle anyone can break out of once we’ve met our money monster and embraced our money honey. And once we’re on our path to financial freedom, we’re better able to serve ourselves—and others. “Your prosperity serves the world,” she reminded us. “I want you to have financial freedom so you can focus on love, lifestyle, and legacy.”

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Morgana Rae: How to Make Money Fall in Love With You

Does money love you? Or is your relationship with money a mess? Known as the world’s leading relationship with money coach, Morgana Rae knows how to get at the heart of why money is not flowing effortlessly into people’s lives, and she joined Elevated Existence Magazine founder, Tammy Mastroberte, on the Living an Elevated Existence Mind, Body & Soul Summit to share her 6-step process to reach financial alchemy.

“Money is a funny thing because it’s completely invented. We just made it up. To say that purse is worth $10 and this other purse is worth $10,000 – completely made up,” she said on the live call. “So the reason it can be so sticky and such a problem and a challenge in people’s lives is, while money itself is made up, to us it’s is our worth and how much we are valued by others. It’s what we deserve, and what we are allowed to have.”

How we feel about ourselves is very much tied to money, along with our right to exist, Rae explained. We need money to eat and have shelter from the elements, and these are part of our existence. When we don’t have money for these things, it’s as if we don’t have the right to exist.

“At the deepest level [money] represents love because the source of what we were told we are worth, and the source of food and protection came from our parents originally,” Rae noted. “It’s as if our parents were our earliest money.”

The root of our issues with money lies with the hidden blocks in our unconscious mind, and these need to be brought to the surface and changed in order to heal our mind and heart when it comes to money.

“If you’ve got a giant ship and you have a captain … the captain doesn’t determine where the ship goes. It’s the crew below the deck,” Rae said on the call. “So if the captain wants to go to Europe, but the crew wants to go to Tahiti, the ship is going to Tahiti. And if you want to make money, but your crew below the surface believes that money is dangerous, represents evil values, or it’s a source of pain – for instance, every time you said ‘I can’t afford it,’ money became the bad guy – then money is the obstacle between you and what you want to do or be. We need to get the crew and the captain on the same team.”

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What she teaches is not the law of attraction, and in fact, she has coached many people who have tried the vision boards and affirmations, and didn’t find the help they needed, she said on the call. What she teaches is “financial alchemy.”

“Financial alchemy is the transmutation of lead into gold. It’s lead into spiritual goal, which means we can go into those dark feelings and make them something of infinite value,” Rae explained. “Your finances are not your cause, they are a symptom and it’s a symptom of your relationship with life. When we change your relationship with money, not only do we change that situation, but it can be so rapid, other things consistently happen. People’s love lives get better, their family relationships get better and their disease get better.”

Rae teaches people how to turn their “money monster” into what she calls a “Money Honey of Abundance,” and she shared the question her coach asked years ago to create a turning point in her relationship with money.

“He asked me, ‘If your money was a person, who would your money be?’ and I saw instantly who my money would be at that time. And it was a big scary, dirty, violent biker who caused fights and terrified me,” she said. “When I saw that biker in my minds eye, and I felt what I felt, I could see if I were at a live event and saw this guy, my eye would be on him the whole time to create maximum distance between the two of us. And that is what I was doing with money in real life. I had my eye on it the whole time, and I was keeping maximum distance, and I never knew it until I made money a person.”

This process is how we can make the unconscious conscious. We start by looking for the pain, which can be a person’s “money story,” but that won’t be the root cause, said Rae. The root cause is always the issues behind the money, and sometimes it is completely unrelated to money.

“It could be the kids who teased you for being fat, or some embarrassing or shameful or horrific moment in your childhood,” she noted. “I met a gentlemen whose father committed suicide, and for him, money had killed his father all those years ago. His money was a murderer. He didn’t know that, and when I told him this it opened him up. We were walking back to the class we were taking together and he lifted up his bag and found $20.”

6-Step Process to Heal Money Issues
The root cause of repelling or protecting ourselves from money always has to do with things that made us feel unworthy, unlovable or unsafe, Rae said on the call. While many people who feel they don’t have the money they need believe that once their bank account grows, their problems will go away, but this is not true. The underlying problems are still the same, she noted.

“I have coached hundreds of clients who have become the bank to their friends, and they become the target because people are always wanting their money, and always wanting something from them. They are not being loved they are being used,” Rae shared. “I think we all have an intuition that this can happen and on the lower end we protect ourselves from wealth because we don’t want that. We also don’t want to be these money addicts who are constantly willing to destroy the planet for short term profit. So we make these unconscious decisions that money is difficult or gets in the way of love.”

But to uncover our unique issues we need to get to our personal blocks, and Rae designed a six-step, time-tested process to help.

Step 1 – Uncover the Root Cause – This is where we dig deep into our personal issues because what Rae calls our “money monster” is never about money. Its about wounds, broken promises, and the things that made us feel the lowest at some point in our life, she said.

Step 2 – Personifying the Cause – We need to make it a person because that makes the relationship real, and also means we can change it, Rae explained. “A person is not a dark cloud or wispy smoke, or a big rock or a fire pit. I’ve had clients who wanted that to be their money monster and it doesn’t work. It needs to have a person hood, with eyes, thoughts, and things that you can relate to. The more human, the better, because it makes it more real. You want it to be all bad and all terrifying,” she said.

Step 3 – Get Rid of the Money Monster – We need to get rid of the monster by whatever means necessary, and the longer we have had this relationship with money, the harder and more scary it can be to let go. But it has to be done.

“My money monster was a scary, terrifying biker, and I knew that if that was my relationship with money, I could never have it because of the way that it felt. So I got rid of the biker,” said Rae. “It can be very scary to get rid of it, which is why the monster has to be really, really bad so you have no choice to get rid of it.”

Once it is gone, it can feel strange and unfamiliar, but the goal is to replace it with something new.

Step 4 – Replace the Monster – Rae asked herself who would she wanted in her life so much that she would want this person even though it was money. And this should not have anything to do with what we can get from this person because that is conditional love, she said. That gives away our power, which is another money monster.

“In my imagination, what showed up was this tall, dark, handsome man in an tuxedo carrying a bouquet of flowers – and I could feel how much he loved me, which was weird to feel like money wanted to woo me. And I felt how much I had broken his heart over the years by pushing him away,” she said, noting she does not teach people to create a Money Honey who will do all the work for them. This is about empowerment, and a partnership.

Step 5 – Speaking with Your Money Honey – We should ask our “Money Honey” what he or she needs from us so they can stay with us, and feel as through it is a real person.

Step 6 – Take Action – We need to act on the directions from our “Money Honey,” which is sometimes about balancing our checkbook or collecting money that is owed, said Rae.

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