VIDEO: Synching Back with the Universe

It happens to all of us.

We get distracted by life, people, circumstances, and find ourselves out of synch with the Universe.

We feel down, frustrated or angry. We fall back into worry. We aren’t noticing any signs or synchronicities.

When you notice you are out of synch, out of balance or out of flow with the Universe — meaning you are stressed, anxious, unhappy, worried — do you know how to quickly shift that energy?

It only take a couple of minutes, and I show you how in this week’s quick video!

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VIDEO: Staying Connected to Spirit

The importance of our connection to Spirit can’t be overstated.

Seriously … it’s that important!

It is truly the key to creating the life you deserve and desire, and so much more.

If you want to…

Heal your body
Connect with your guides and angels
Open your intuition
Increase your abundance

…then you want to maintain your spiritual connection for as long as possible throughout the day. AND you want to notice when you fall out of alignment and get yourself BACK.

In this video, I share some quick tips to do just that!

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VIDEO: Are You Connected to Spirit?

I hear it a lot — “How do I know if I’m connected to Spirit?” Or, “I don’t feel like I’m connected to Spirit.”

Your spiritual connection should be a top priority for you because THAT is where all the magic in life happens.

In this video, I share a secret you may not realize about your spiritual connection and quick tips to help you make sure the connection stays clear so your life flows more smoothly and easily, and your vibration stays high.

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VIDEO: A Spiritual Approach to Solving Problems

When you are faced with a problem to solve or a decision to make, have you ever felt totally overwhelmed? Confused? Caught up in fear and doubt?

Me too! But I had an “Aha” moment recently and wanted to share it with all of you!

It’s actually a simple shift — you see, so many of us get caught up in our emotions, and we think, “If I could just solve this problem or make this decision, THEN I can feel better.”

But it’s really the other way around.

Watch this video to hear my 4-step process on taking a spiritual approach to solving your problems.

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