VIDEO: How to Elevated Your Struggles & Feel Better Faster

When faced with a challenge, the first thing we often do is complain and fight against it.

“It shouldn’t be happening? Why is it happening? I wish this wasn’t happening!!”

And if you have not figured it out by now, this reaction usually does not help the situation.

So in this week’s video, I am teaching you a different approach to challenges and struggle.

This approach that I call “Elevating the Struggle” will not only change your reactions to struggle, but it will also bring you the best results FASTER!

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VIDEO: How to Get Unstuck and Move Forward Faster

Do you ever feel stuck?

Like you keep repeating the same things over and over, and no matter how hard you try, you can’t move forward?

All of us find ourselves stuck in a rut from time to time, and it can be hard to make the changes necessary to get ourselves moving again. We may even know what we should be doing or could be doing, but we need that push to start rolling in the right direction.

In the below video, I share 4 steps to help you get unstuck and start moving forward faster in any area of your life.

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VIDEO: How to Handle Unexpected Challenges (the Elevated Way!)

We can’t get around it, no matter how hard we try.

Life WILL throw us an unexpected curve ball from time to time.

Sometimes it knocks us down hard, and at other times it’s just a mild annoyance.

But whether the challenge is big or small, it can really throw us for a loop — if we let it. I’m talking about:

  • The death of a loved one
  • A divorce or end of a relationship/friendship
  • Diagnosis of an illness
  • Moving to a new home because of your job/or your partners
  • Loss of money in some way
  • Not passing a test
  • A flight delay
  • A business deal falls through

The list goes on and on, and it’s something we all face. BUT what if there was a more elevated way of handling unexpected challenges?

Well, there IS, and I share my 5-steps to handling them as they pop up in this video!

Watch the video “How to Call in Elevated Help” here.
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VIDEO: A Spiritual Approach to Solving Problems

When you are faced with a problem to solve or a decision to make, have you ever felt totally overwhelmed? Confused? Caught up in fear and doubt?

Me too! But I had an “Aha” moment recently and wanted to share it with all of you!

It’s actually a simple shift — you see, so many of us get caught up in our emotions, and we think, “If I could just solve this problem or make this decision, THEN I can feel better.”

But it’s really the other way around.

Watch this video to hear my 4-step process on taking a spiritual approach to solving your problems.

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Editor’s Advice: A New Approach to Problems

When a problem or issue arises for you, do you fly into a panic thinking, “Oh no! Why me! I can’t take one more thing today!” or do you have faith in the universe to help you solve it?

For many of us, the bigger the problem, the bigger the panic — and let’s face it, that approach just doesn’t work that well.

Recently, I was driving to visit a friend, and I often listen to workshops or talks by one of my favorite authors when I’m in the car. This is usually when I review new recordings for Elevated Existence too!

This time it was Louise Hay, and her CD “Embracing Change: Using the Treasures Within You,” which was taped during a live talk a few years back in Italy.

As I was listening to her talk about her life, and how she learned to handle change, she shared her approach to problems that arise in business and her personal life, and when she listed the affirmations she used . . . well as soon as I arrived at my friend’s house I hit the back button on the player and typed them down into the note section of my phone!

Now, I want to share them with you!

Louise Hay said when she is faced with a problem, she says to herself:

     “All is well. Everything is working out for my highest good.
      Out of this situation, only good will come. I am safe.”

I believe there are NO accidents in life, and the universe always has our back — even when it doesn’t seem like it at the time. But when something pops up suddenly, I still need to take a minute and remind myself it will all be O.K. I need to remember the universe is leading me where I need to go, and that I will end up exactly where I am meant to be. And these affirmations are the perfect tool to use!

I like to close my eyes, take a deep breath and repeat the affirmations. It calms me down, centers me, and affirms to the universe or God that I know I am being guided and that all will work out well.

In this crazy, hectic holiday season, problems often arise, our stress is high, and we often forget to take a minute and remind ourselves it will all be O.K. Take a minute and type this affirmation into your phone, so you always have it available when you need it!

Wishing you all a happy, healthy holiday season, and blessed New Year!

Tammy_Mastroberte_headshotTammy Mastroberte is a three-time, award-winning writer, founder of Elevated Existence, and publisher and editorial director of the multi-award-winning Elevated Existence Magazine. She started the new age, spiritual and self-improvement publication at age 30 – eight years after the sudden death of her mother from a brain aneurysm only three days after Christmas in 1999. This tragedy led her down a synchronistic path to discover her purpose and the meaning behind many of the events in her life – including her mother’s death. She now shares her guidance, and the wisdom of today’s top authors and spiritual celebrities through Elevated Existence Magazine. Follow her on Twitter: @ElevatedTammy or on Instagram: elevatedtammy. For more information, visit