VIDEO: Handling Holiday Overwhelm

It happened last week. I finally hit a breaking point.

The sense of total overwhelm and stress rushed over me. Work responsibilities, holiday to-do’s, every day tasks — they piled up to the point of no return, and I knew I had to do something to stop it.

In the middle of watching a live broadcast, and testing with friends about it, I had to shut it down. I was on overload, and instead of pushing through and trying to ride it out, I decided to take care of myself. I took a time out.

I shut down the broadcast, excused myself from the group text, and took a few minutes to help myself feel better.

Watch the below video for what I did (I created a new visualization technique to help with overwhelm) and why you TOO should listen to your soul when it’s crying out for a time out to refresh.

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Tips for Thriving Through the Holidaze

By Keri Nola, LMHC

We are entering into the holiday season, the time of year when we can allow ourselves to get carried away in the hustle and bustle of excessive commitments, lengthy to-do lists, traveling, shopping, and more. Instead of repeating old patterns that keep us feeling unsatisfied, overwhelmed, and tired, we have the opportunity to choose to glide through the remaining months in joyous and peaceful ways. Why not stop for a few moments today and invite yourself to discover and practice a few tips to support you in thriving through the season?

Four Tips for Thriving Through the Holidaze

1)      Establish a clear intention. Rather than allowing the season to happen to you, consider setting a mindful intention and empower yourself to create an experience you actually look forward to having. For example, “This holiday season I intend to be present with myself and my loved ones, even if that means I cannot cook the ‘perfect’ meal, get all the ‘perfect’ gifts, or say ‘yes’ to every invitation I receive.”

2)      Put yourself on your priority list. Making time for YOU is not optional if you want to thrive. People who experience peace understand they are worth making time for, and they make it a point to create space and time for themselves on a regular basis.  Consider making appointments with yourself and then honor them without excuses or justification.

3)      Say “No, thank you” to events, people and circumstances that do not resonate with you. Just because you have participated in a tradition, event or relationship in the past, doesn’t mean you have to agree to it now. Check in with yourself and honor what your heart desires this year. Even family? Yes. Even family. Saying yes to others and no to ourselves is not loving or kind, and it certainly does not contribute to our ability to thrive. We have a right to spend time with people, doing things that resonate with us—consider giving yourself this generous gift this season!

4)      Practice Gratitude. Engaging in a practice of conscious gratitude can help take the edge off during busy and hectic times. Consider choosing to mindfully acknowledge your blessings each day by either writing them down, sharing them with loved ones, and/or saying them aloud. Our hearts and lives expand when we honor that which lights us up.

Interestingly enough, these tips are also valuable year round to welcome more peace and less struggle, so you may choose to keep them on hand to practice even beyond the holidays. May this season be filled with abundant blessings for us all as we take responsibility for creating the experience we desire this year!

Keri Nola is author of “A Year on Your Path to Growth: Daily Inspirations to Reconnect with Your Soul,” and founder of Path to Growth LLC, a Central Florida-based integrative healing center that blends traditional and holistic techniques for journeys to peace. As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Nola provides psychotherapy and facilitates therapeutic retreats for those seeking to reconnect with their inner wisdom, particularly after trauma or loss. She also offers heart-inspired business consultations for healthcare professionals. For more information visit, on Facebook and Twitter @pathtogrowth.

NOTE: Picture of Keri Nola by Monica Alfonso