2016 Editor’s Inspirational Gift Picks

Every year, Elevated Existence editors pick their favorite gift ideas to spread spirituality, love and inspiration to others.

We are excited to announce our 2016 picks, including clothing, accessories, jewelry, home products, yoga products, and more.

And be sure to check out the BuddhiBox below, which is offering a 10 percent coupon to Elevated Existence readers!

Happy Holidays!


posieturnersmallPosie Turner Mantra Socks
Offering a touch of inspiration for your feet, these Posie Turner socks feature modern-day mantras. Available for both men and women, they offer messages, such as “I Am Spirit,” “Expect Miracles,” “Namaste” and “Infinite Love.” They can be purchased individually or as a customized box set. www.posieturner.com; $16.50 each, or $54 for box set.


eshaw-2_eE.Shaw Jewels Wrap Bracelets
Since these are one long strand with a strong magnetic clasp, approximately 33 inches long, they can be worn as a five-strand wrap bracelet or a necklace. They feature a variety of gemstones in a choice of colors, including Sparkling Citrine, with citrine, pyrite and black spinel; and Clear Sky, with turquoise, labradorite, moonstone and chalcedony in sterling silver. www.eshawjewels.com; $125.



CHAK-WRAPS OM Leather Bracelet
Choose from 14 colors of Portuguese leather, many corresponding with the chakra system, these bracelets measure less than a ½ wide with a magnetic rectangle clasp. The letters are pewter-plated with 99.9 percent sterling silver, and are free of lead, nickel and cadmium. www.liveaha.com; $45.99 – $52.99.


choose_love_bracelet_smallChoose Love Bracelet
Handmade in the United States, the Choose Love bracelet is the perfect reminder for the wearer and those around them to remember love triumphs over fear, and we have the choice to choose it. Available in sterling silver, 18K gold filled, 14K white gold and 14K rose gold, the bracelet chain lengths range from 5½ to 9½ inches. They can also be customized with a different message or name. www.bonnievent.com; $50.


yoga-mat-bag-7685Effie Handmade Yoga Mat Bags
Choose from a variety of graphic prints or solid colors, these yoga bags are handmade and fit most standard yoga mats — specifically yoga mats up to 26 inches wide and a 5-inch rolled up diameter. www.effiehandmade.com; $44.


aurorae-impressions-smallAurorae Printed Yoga Mats
Made with eco-friendly patented PER (polymer environmental resin), which is free from toxins, including phthalates, phenols, PAHS, latex, silicone and rubber, these yoga mats are available in a variety of prints, and measure 72 inches long, 24 inches wide and 5mm thick. Each purchase includes a free non-slip rosin bag. www.auroraeyoga.com; $39.95.


v-shaped-cushion_bohemian-ikat_smallHugger Mugger Meditation Cushion
Handmade in the USA, these v-shaped meditation cushions feature a cotton cover with organic buckwheat filling. The slanted shape promotes healthy sitting posture and allows for the feet to be closer in a cross-legged position, and the filling conforms to the body. It also has a convenient handle for carrying. www.huggermugger.com; $64.95.


With monthly or yearly subscriptions available in the U.S., Canada and Austria, BuddhiBox delivers full-size yoga products in different categories, including fitness, skincare and fragrance. NOTE: The company is offering Elevated Existence readers 10 percent off all new subscriptions with the code “elevated.” www.buddhiboxes.com; Monthly, $34.99 plus shipping; Yearly, $432 for U.S. and $575.30 for Canada.


natural-life-socks-smallNatural Life Mug & Cozy Socks Set
This boxed set is available in two options, both featuring a pair of cozy socks and a 16-ounce mug with a message. The set with the light blue socks has a mug that reads “You Make My Heart Happy,” and the set with the burgundy socks offers a mug that reads, “You Make the World a Better Place.” www.naturallife.com; $25.


meddy_teddy_collage_smallMeddy Teddy
Meet Meddy Teddy, the yoga posable and mindfulness bear. Created to help parents teach kids yoga and mindfulness, he comes with a pair of white yoga paints, but there are additional legging options available for purchase. Whether sitting in lotus position or moving into a variety of yoga poses, this teddy will put a smile on your face and bring peace to your heart. www.meddyteddy.com; $29.95.


napkinringssmallInspirational Jute Entertaining Collection
Made of 100 percent natural jute and bamboo, this collection features placemats, napkin rings and coasters — each with a mindful word, such as Peaceful, Cherish, Grateful and Abundant. Each is sold as a set of four. www.greatusefulstuff.com; $15 – $24.99.


believeyoucan_snazzybazaar-smallBelieve You Can Wall Art
Handcrafted from steel oil drums, this Believe You Can, Haitian Metal Wall Art measures 16 inches by 13 inches, and can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is made by artisans of Croix des Bouquets, located eight miles northeast of Haiti’s capital, and features the inspirational message “Believe You Can & You’re Halfway There.” www.snazzybazaar.com; $88.


pillowcases1_smallPiLLove Talk Pillowcases
This line of custom designed pillowcases offer inspirational, empowering words, prayers and messages. They are handmade with an eco-friendly process, using 100 percent cotton, a sateen weave, satin trim and vegetable inks. Choose from a variety of messages, including “I Am Love, Powerful, Healed & Healthy, Blessed,” “I Am More Powerful Than Any Circumstance” and “I Am Grateful.” www.etsy.com/shop/PiLLoveTalk; $19.95.


sunkissed-health_eSunKissed “Shift Happens” Space Clearing Kit
Are you ready to clear the energy and create a sacred space in your home or office? This kit combines feng shui philosophy, energy healing medicine and ancient spiritual ceremony, featuring a Palo Santo Incense/Smudge Stick imported from the Amazon rainforest. When burned, it cleanses the air of impurities and negative energy. The kit also includes an Abalone Shell to house the sticks since its non-flammable, and amethyst crystal, which is a clearing and elevating stone. www.sunkissedhealth.com; $29.95.


everythingisposible-smallEverything Is Possible Plaque
This reversible pewter plaque features the words “Everything is Possible” and the Italian translation “Tutto E Possible,” which translates to “All is Possible.” It measures 5.75 inches by 1.5 inches, and is handcrafted in Nova Scotia. www.unoallavolta.com; $32.


barefoot-dreams-smallCozychic Covered in Prayer Throw
Created by Barefoot Dreams founder Annette Cook after her fight against cancer, this Covered in Prayer throw collection is available in a variety of colors, each with a spiritual message, sewn into it, such as “Faith in Prayer” “Trust the Journey” or “Bless This Life.” They measure 54 inches by 72 inches, and are 100 percent polyester microfiber. For each purchase, a percentage of the proceeds go to The Wunder Project to discover a cure for colon cancer. www.barefootdreams.com; $250.


nicobella2-smallNicobella Vegan Organic Chocolate Sampler
Made with coconut oil instead of cream, and whole organic foods instead of flavoring, each item in this sample offers 75 percent organic dark chocolate. Each sampler includes a six-piece variety box of truffles (blueberry almond, ginger green tea, pumpkin chai, pure cocoa bliss, walnut flaxseed and sunflower butter banana) and a three-pack of coconut, maple nut and omega munch. www.nicobellaorganics.com; $31.95.


assortment_doshapops_small assortment_doshapops_smallAyurvedic Dosha Pops
Based on the three doshas of ayurvedic medicine — vata, pitta and kapha — these lollipops combine ingredients that work together to balance a person’s particular dosha energy. The herbal tea recipes blend different botanical flavors and Ayurvedic spices, such as Head over Hibiscus and Chai me Up, Mytea Pomegranate and Cinnamon Shan-tea, and are available in single flavor packs of six or as an assorted flavor pack. www.doshapops.com; $15.


banishkit-banisher-smallBanish Kit
It started with acne and acne scars for Banish founder Daisy, and she found combining a cosmetic tool with a vitamin C serum worked better than anything else she had used over the years. Now she is offering her natural products and solutions to others, and this banish kit, featuring the Banisher tool and vitamin c serum (made fresh to order) can help with acne, acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles and stretch marks. www.banishacnescars.com; $75.


wellness-tribe_nov-gratitude-box_smallWellness Tribe Box
Combining a variety of natural beauty products, superfood snacks and healthy lifestyle items, the Wellness Tribe box delivers products to nourish the mind, body and spirit each month, with five to eight products that are natural, non-GMO, organic and eco-friendly. www.wellnesstribe.com; $39.95/per month or $420 yearly.

La Cle Key Necklace

Using repurposed vintage keys, La Cle offers unique and one-of-a-kind necklaces that hold a message and serve as a reminder to live a conscious and positive life.

Created by Deanna Saracino, a mom and entrepreneur, she created the brand to give people the opportunity to “look good, feel good and do good.”

Keys can symbolize a number of things, from opportunities and freedom to secrets and knowledge, and La Cle is focused on helping others “live a more conscious life and embrace who they are,” according to the company.

Also, each color has its own meaning (look them up here) and customers can pick their color and design — we are partial to the Glitter Keys!

As the color of key fades away over time, Saracino believes it symbolizes the positive energy the wearer absorbed from the meaningful words each color holds. For example, Gold stands for worthy and valuable, and Orange is unstoppable and focused.

Plus, once the color is gone, the company asks customers to post a picture of their “naked key” with the hastag #NakedKey on social media, and the company will make a donation in honor of the person’s chosen charity.

For more information visit, www.shoplacle.com.

Devoted Buddha Bracelet

Created with blue lace agate gemstones and a smiling white Buddha head charm, this bracelet from Devoted features gold-plated metal rings and is stretchable to fit any size wrist.

Blue lace agate is known as a calming stone that brings tranquility, lessening anger and nervousness, and spiritually assists in reaching higher spiritual planes, communicating with angels and activating the throat chakra. As with all agates, blue lace is also a protective stone.

The bracelet is available from online jewelry retailer, Max & Chloe for $98.


The Treasure Bracelet

The Treasure Bracelet is a collection of bracelets made with antique-finished, sterling silver plated beads, and featuring inspirational words, including Faith, Hope, Believe, as well as charms with Buddha and the Tree of Life.

On the website it states: “The Treasure Bracelet serves as a personal pledge to appreciate and honor all of life’s treasures. The Treasure Bracelet symbolizes a life of gratitude, choice and opportunity.”

Our favorite is the Faith Bracelet, which is a two layer wrap bracket featuring the charm Faith and a magnetic clasp!

View all the designs at www.treasurebracelet.com.

Deepak Chopra & Rachel Roy Create New Line of Jewelry & T-Shirts

Deepak Chopra is teaming up with fashion designer Rachel Roy to collaborate on a new line of jewelry, which will benefit his Urban Yogi Initiative, which teaches at-risk youths an updated take on yoga, incorporating modern-day hip-hop into the mix, according to a Fashionista.com report.

“Fashion represents the zeitgeist of our culture,” Chopra told us Web site a luncheon to celebrate the collection’s launch. “I’ve always been interested in fashion and how it’s becoming hybridized right now with different cultures coming together to make fusion fashions.”

Chopra and Roy met via Twitter when she tweeted to him asking if they could collaborate. “He asked me, ‘What can I do for you?’ and I said that I didn’t quite know what he could do for me but, ‘What I would like to do is create a product [together] and wherever you want the proceeds to go, they’ll go,’” Roy told Fashionista.com.

The new line features fine jewelry and t-shirts selling on Roy’s Web site and AHALife Web site. And pieces are already selling out!