VIDEO: How to Handle Chaos & Obstacles When Manifesting

Have you ever set a goal or become clear on something you want to create or manifest, and then start bumping into issues, problems, obstacles and . . . chaos?

Getting clear on what we REALLY want to manifest is amazing and an important step in co-creating with the Universe, but that doesn’t mean now you can sit back and just allow all you desire to flow to you without any work — and sometimes that work shakes you up a bit!

In fact, the Universe HAS to shake you up a bit in order for you to grow and become a match with what you are trying to create.

In this video, I share how chaos and obstacles can be part of the manifesting process, and how you need to recognize them as signs you are moving toward your desire, rather than allowing them to stop you!

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Wisdom of the Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Bestselling author of “Remembering the Future,” “Messages from Spirit,” and “The Map,” Colette Baron-Reid, created a brand new oracle card deck called Wisdom of the Oracle Cards.

The new deck combines blended elements of the I-Ching, Norse runes, traditional tarot and other ancient divination tools into a 52-card deck.

The cards come with a companion book to interpret messages, with more than 250 independent meanings to be used to shed light on any circumstance. It includes images of animals, the elements of nature and other symbols.

Other card decks from Baron-Reid include “The Wisdom of Avalon,” “Wisdom of the Hidden Realms,” and “The Enchanted Map.”

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Colette Baron-Reid to Host “Love Your Body” 30-Day Weight Loss Cleanse Online Course

Intuitive coach and author, Colette Baron-Reid wants to help you “release your cares, release the weight and love your body,” with her new course “Love Your Body,” a 30-Day Weight Loss Cleanse, based on her new book “Weight Loss for People Who Feel Too Much.”

Participants will be able to speak directly to teachers and coaches in live teleseminars; participate in her IN-Vizion process; hear from Baron-Reid herself, and so much more.

The 4-week audio will allow participants to learn and integrate the new habits offered in the book, and includes a workbook and interactive, live call-in teleseminars with Colette Baron-Reid and her Weight Release Energetix Coaches. There will also be a private Facebook group for participants to interact with one another and the coaches.

The program also offers the option to utilize a supplement program created by Baron-Reid’s health experts.

For more information, view the video below or visit Baron-Reid’s Web site page dedicated to the course.

Top Authors Offer Free Online Teleseminar: The Art of Love

Starting Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2011, join 21 leading relationship experts for “The Art of Love: Discover the Keys to Deep Connection, Soulful Passion and Lasting Love.” Whether you are in a new relationship, have been married for years, or are still searching for the right partner, this seminar series will offer techniques and strategies on how to get the love you want.

Just for signing up you get instant access to bonus videos feature Dr. Gay Hendricks and Dr. Kathlyn Hendricks, Alison Armstrong and Dr. John Gray. But starting on Nov. 1, you will hear from a variety of well-known experts, including Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly-Hunt; Marianne Williamson; Deepak Chopra; David Bach; and Arielle Ford.

Additionally, couples will share their marriage-tested strategies for keeping love, passion and intimacy alive. Couples such as Colette Baron-Reid and Mark Lindeman; Arielle Ford and Brian Hilliard; John and Maria Assaraf and more!

According to the Web site,, the following topic will be covered:

-The simple secret that keeps attraction alive, delightful and magnetic – for both of you!
-The surprising delicacies that can reawaken your sex life … plus the hidden culprit that is stealing your libido.
-Four MUST-DO steps for healthy communication and why ‘common wisdom’ fails modern relationships.
-The cure for feeling unseen or unheard around your partner.
-An easy and immediate technique for releasing negative emotion.
-6 money mistakes couples make and how to avoid them … plus how to transcend financial challenges that come your way.
-How to keep it sizzling and sexy when you’re a parent.
-How to step into your full power as a successful woman without losing polarity, acceptance and delicious playfulness in your relationship.
-Surviving the ache of betrayal and how to re-build trust.

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