VIDEO: Stop Manifesting What You DON’T Want

We say our affirmations. We do our visualizations. We make our list of intentions or goals. We even keep our gratitude journals.

And then something happens to annoy us, aggravate us or upset us, and we make a crucial mistake when it comes to manifesting.

We complain about it.

We tell our co-workers, friends, family members — anyone who will listen. We dwell on it, focus on it and talk about it.

In doing this, we are sending the message “bring me more of this” to the Universe, and we start to manifest what we DON’T want, instead of what we do.

The same is true when we focus on anything in our life we are unhappy with right now.

In this video, I share how to quickly shift the energy why you find yourself complaining so you cancel out the negativity it brings in.

VIDEO: One Thing NOT To Do When Manifesting by Tammy Mastroberte

When you are trying to manifest something into your life, there is one thing that will STOP you in your tracks every time.

I call in visiting “how land.”

Find out more in the quick video below, including the affirmation that will help.

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