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Elham S., Geneva, Switzerland

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Deirdre C., Woodside, New York

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“Claire and Katherine are women that I myself look to for wisdom and counsel.”
Marianne Williamson, author of A Return to Love and The Law of Divine Compensation

“I will be forever inspired by and grateful to them.”
Alanis Morissette, Grammy Award Winning Singer/Songwriter

“Claire Zammit and Katherine Woodward Thomas are leading the way in the evolution of the feminine for our time.”
Barbara Marx Hubbard, author of Conscious Evolution and The Hunger of Eve

Feminine Power is the wake-up call from soul-driven leadership, the New Story made manifest in our lives.”
Dr. Jean Houston, author of Jump Time and A Passion for the Possible

“Unique, original and inspired, Feminine Power causes a leap in our collective consciousness, offering insights and brilliance from the leading edge!”
Marci Shimoff, author of Happy for No Reason: 7 Steps to Being Happy from the Inside Out

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P.S. Again, this online webinar is being presented at no charge on Wednesday, May 7th.

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Attract Your Soulmate Now: Lisa Nichols on Becoming Magnetic

Bestselling author and CEO of Moving the Masses, Lisa Nichols joined bestselling author of “The Soulmate Secret” Arielle Ford on Day 2 of the online series “Attract Your Soulmate Now,” to discuss how to become magnetic to our soulmate and use the power of prayer and affirmations to break through negative and limiting beliefs.

“My most basic core principle for manifesting love is to be the mate you want to attract,” Nichols told Ford. “Make a list in extreme detail and then become that list.”

She also shared the three types of relationships experienced in life: Lifetime, where the relationship stays with us; Life-Giving, which is often short-term and can be from one day to two years; and Purposeful, which have a divine purpose or several purposes, and when the purpose is complete, the relationship ends.

“Life-giving can be a chance encounter, but we have the most challenge with purposeful. We could have met that person in order to start a business, or for children to be born, or to find our voice,” Nichols said. “The quality of your life-long partnership depends on how much completion work you did on the past relationships because otherwise you are bringing all that in.”

Limiting Belief Exercise
During the event, Nichols shared an exercise to overcome limiting beliefs about relationships, something she learned years ago when attending a Transformational Leadership Council meeting with Jack Canfield in Aspen.

“I do a lot of mirror work, so go to the mirror,” she explained. “First write down the limiting belief you have around love. This will come from the face of fear, doubt and anxiety. This belief does not empower you. You run from this belief.”

In order to uncover this belief, we need to go to the place that isn’t “so bright” in our lives, but it’s important not to stay or get stuck there, Nichols said. It’s about uncovering what is looming there and bringing it to the light so it will no longer have power over us.

The next step is to take the limiting belief and rewrite a new statement to become a new mantra – no more than one sentence. For example, during the seminar with Jack Canflied, Nichols uncovered a limiting belief that she would never have long-lasting, forever love, and turned it around to, “I am worthy of long-lasting, amazing love.”

“It has to be something you can chant, and can only have positive words. It shouldn’t have ‘can’t’ or ‘won’t’ like ‘I won’t be alone.’ It should be short, sweet, powerful and counteract the negative,” she noted. “Then get in the mirror and literally sing the mantra every morning right after you brush your teeth. You make the mantra a rhythm and you reprogram yourself with that mantra.”

It also helps to have other people who can say it to you and mirror it back.

Finding the Gift
Speaking about divine timing, Nichols explained every experience we have in relationships – with friends or romantic love – is prepping us for our soulmate and teaching us lessons. It all serves a purpose.

“When I made a list of every relationship I ever had with a man, I [found] the gift I was given in the relationship,” said Nichols. “Now mind you, some gifts may have come wrapped in sandpaper. Some gifts did not feel good to get, but when I unwrapped it and unpacked it, I got the gift.”

She offered the following steps to help others heal themselves from past relationships by finding the gift or gifts they were given from it:

1. At the top of the paper, write down “My Purposeful Relationships.”

2. Circle and underline the word purpose.

3. For each relationship write, “The purpose I was in this relationship was for,” and complete the sentence.

4. Look at and read the list, and say, “I appreciate and celebrate my purposeful relationship, and since the purpose has been completed, so has the relationship,” for each one.

“You are more of who you are because of that relationship,” she noted. “You learned lessons, got blessings. I don’t ever say, ‘we broke up,’ I say ‘we are complete.’ That puts a period at the end of the sentence as opposed to a comma.”

If after writing a purpose, we can’t say, ‘I’m complete,” then keep writing because once it is over, if we tried to go back, it would not be the same, said Nichols.

“It’s the image you give it,” she said. “We freeze-frame our relationship at the best point and then we cut and paste it into our mind, thinking it will always be that. It’s a fantasy and our reality is paying for it.”

Every single experience we have makes us who we are today, Nichols said. As a result, our soulmate will get the best version of us.


Attract Your Soulmate Now Day 1: Arielle Ford & Marianne Williamson

The “Attract Your Soulmate Now” online series by Evolving Wisdom kicked off the first day with bestselling author of “The Soulmate Secret,” Arielle Ford and bestselling author Marianne Williamson.

When it comes to attracting love, the real question is not how do we attract love, but rather what are we doing to repel love or keep it at bay, Williamson said. Many of us are carrying around baggage from old relationships or experiences from our childhood, and these things may be affecting our attraction factor.

“I know my father loved me, but like millions of other people, I felt an emotional withhold at puberty,” Williamson shared. “We grow up and understand and recognize it, but if we did not feel totally cherished emotionally by our father figure or if a man did not feel respected as men from the mother figure, we carry that into adulthood.”

Williamson said she looks to God or a higher power to repair her on “the immortal plane where these wounds do not exist.” It is in this realm where we are “divinely parented by a father, mother God.” As long as we make this our primary relationship, then when we enter into a relationship with a man or women, we are already complete and not looking for the other person to fill this role.

“The mistakes I make with men are the same with my friends, my daughter or anyone else, and has to do with the various layers of defense,” she explained. “Real love is an ego death – the surrender of the false belief of separation.”

The ego does whatever it can to keep love at bay through anger, attack, selfishness and blame. The job is not to become more loving, because all we truly are is love. The real goal is to find the areas within ourselves to deflect love.

“It doesn’t matter how you got where you are, but where you are now. In my life, analyzing the things I did that I knew kept love at by did not free me,” Williamson noted. “What did and does was, ‘Dear God, Please take this from me.’”

7 Simple Shifts to Manifest Love
Arielle Ford shared seven simple shifts people need to make in order to manifest love in their lives, and explained how over the next 9 days of the online series “Attract Your Soulmate Now,” 50 experts will come together to address each area.

Shift 1 – Breaking Through Your Limiting Beliefs – We must let go of the stories and truths we believe and tell ourselves about what love means, such as ‘I can’t trust people who say they care about me,’ or ‘Even if I find love, my partner will leave.’ By holding onto these, we are actually pushing love away, Ford explained.

Shift 2 – Letting Go of Past Resentments – “You will never find the right person if you never let go of the wrong one,” Ford noted. If we are holding onto any emotional baggage from the past – either consciously or unconsciously – we are blocking the ability to attract new love into our lives. When we hold onto past injuries, they continue to hurt us in the present.

Shift 3 – Loving and Caring for Yourself – We have all heard how we need to love ourselves first before we can love another, but many people brush this off. However, in order to attract our soulmate, we need to be our own greatest fan and start taking excellent care of ourselves, Ford said. “Our relationships with others are a mirror of our relationship with ourselves,” she noted. “When you prioritize your emotional, physical and spiritual well-being, the result is you will radiate vitality and become a powerful magnet for pulling love into your life.”

Shift 4 – Tapping Into the Universe and Connecting to a Higher Power – Our purpose for having a relationship has shifted significantly over the past 25 years from security and procreation to longing for a deep connection and a partner who will support the development of our highest potential. Part of attracting this is to be in touch with a force greater then ourselves.

Shift 5 – Getting in Sync with the Opposite Sex – Men and women communicate differently and value different things in relationships. Understanding how the opposite sex ticks is a powerful tool for creating love, and in seminar 9 of the series, Dr. John Gray will reveal the real reason some women are attracted to bad boys and what to do about it, as well as why powerful women need a man and how to recognize your ideal partner.

Shift 6 – Exploring and Practicing the Art of Communication – Even though we know how important good communication is, many of us suffer heartache over a major communication breakdown with a romantic partner, said Ford. It’s important to understand how to do it well.

Shift 7 – Discovering and Embracing New Dating Skills – “There is no area of attracting love that can be quite as intimidating or scary or confusing as the modern age of dating,” Ford noted. Today’s electronic age means we need to understand that dating has gone digital and what the best ways to approach it are for us to achieve success.

You can still sign up for the series here!


Neale Donald Walsch Shares 3 Secrets to Ending Struggle

Neale Donald Walsch found himself with an amazing job in broadcasting at the age of 19, and by 21, he was a programming director. Walsch always made more money than he needed and had a lot of friends and loved ones. But by the age of 50, things suddenly turned south.

His health, career and relationships began to fall apart – all at the same time – and he found himself living on the street for a year. He got divorced, and had an automobile accident that left him with a broken neck. As he explains it, his life went “from bad to worse.” However, looking back on it now, he knows “it was the greatest thing that could ever happen to me,” he said during a live Webcast by Evolving Wisdom called “The 3 Secrets to Ending the Struggle and Making Your Life Work.”

One night, sitting in the dark, Walsch said he called out to God and asked what he had done to deserve this pain. He began to write down questions he wanted answers to, and suddenly he heard a voice over his right shoulder say, “Do you really want answers to all of these questions or are you just venting?” He answered, “yes,” and began to write all the thoughts that came into his mind.

“I wanted to write it all out because I wanted to have a record of it [since] the experience was so profound,” he said At the time Walsch thought he was just keeping a personal journal, but eventually the words he channeled became the best-selling book “Conversations With God.”

More importantly, Walsh began applying what he was learning in his own life, and it immediately began to change. He saw a “rapid shift” in his health, relationships and financial stability, and the same is true for many who have read his books and applied its teachings.

However, Walsch recently encountered a friend who was in need of help. She told him she had read his books, as well as those by other authors, and although she had tried to apply it to her life, nothing seemed to be working for her.

“She began to cry, and said she didn’t believe in this stuff anymore because nothing was working for her,” said Walsch. “That is how the three secrets of life emerged from me – the three biggest secrets I learned in my conversations with God.”

These secrets are:

  • Your growth process is complete.
  • There is nothing wrong in your life, nor has there ever been.
  • You are not alone.

Your Growth Process is Complete “Your growth was never necessary to begin with,” Walsh explained in the live webcast. “You were completely evolved when you came here at the moment of your birth. You were born in a state of utter perfection. If you want to see it, look into the eyes of a baby – nothing is wanted and nothing is needed.”

He continued: “The purpose of life is not to become more than you are, but to be more of who you were the moment you arrived.”

The problem is many of us believe the purpose of life is to evolve into something greater, or to acquire more wisdom, clarity or physical things. But there is nothing we have to do or be in order to express who we are, said Walsch.

“The process works in reverse. We are not here to acquire, but to give. Your job is not to get better and become more of who you are, but to demonstrate who you are right now so that God might know itself experientially through the expression of life in every one of its forms, including the form that we call you.”

What Walsch discovered was through giving to others what he wanted to receive – as though he already had it – he would then obtain what he wanted. “Be the Source” became the guiding principle of his life.

“I would give someone money even though I didn’t have much. I would say to myself, ‘what if I had enough and that was so much, I could give it away.’ So I began to give it away,” he said. “I did the same with relationships and compassion. I found people who wanted the same things I wanted and decided to be the source of it. Suddenly, I found those same things flowing through me.”

He discovered his purpose was not to have things for himself, but to give it away. “When your purpose is to give it away, the universe suppliers you with an unlimited amount of it because it knows there are so many people who are in need of it. That is the secret to all the masters from Jesus to Buddha. Their initial motivation was not to gather it all for themselves, but to be a flow through for others,” Walsch explained. “If you have 30 cents in your pocket, find someone that needs a dime and give it to them.”

Nothing is Wrong in Your Life, Nor Has it Ever Been – Walsch explained everything in our lives is going perfectly even though we think it is not. The secret here is to turn frustration into celebration because what we resist persists and what we look at through the eyes of the soul will disappear.

“Many will say ‘it’s nice to say its perfect, but it doesn’t feel perfect to me,’” Walsch commented. “Suppose you decided you were the light. God would say ‘great now how would you know you are the light if there was not darkness. I will surround you with darkness, but when you are in the darkness, don’t curse it – use it so you may know who you really are.’”

The best way to deal with darkness in life is to turn to gratitude. “Gratitude is the attitude,” Walsch said. “Your job is to be thankful or every circumstance and condition in life because its all perfectly created.”

He reminded listeners that if they want to express themselves as kindness, compassion, forgiveness and love, they need the opposite conditions first. If they are to practice forgiveness, they need someone to forgive.

When we judge, resist or make circumstances in our lives wrong, problems become insurmountable. But by accepting, and even being grateful for them, we have the opportunity to demonstrate who we really are at our core, Walsch explained.

Suffering will continue as long as we say we do not want it, or deny the gift it carries with it. We are pushing away the conditions that will help us. “Stop condemning the things that look like they are going wrong in your life and use them in the recreation of who you really are,” he said.

You are Not Alone – Most people believe they are alone, and that is what makes the circumstances of life intolerable, according to Walsch, who said emotional loneliness is one of the biggest problems facing humanity today.

“Almost any experience in life can be tolerated if we can imagine we are in a shared space with another,” he noted. “We are all one and never alone in the sense that everything else is a part of us. We know that at the cellular level. The impulse of life it to merge with other life. You are already merged but when you don’t know that, then you have an e-mer-gency.”

God, the divine, a higher power, or whatever name is given to it, exists everywhere and all the time. The awareness that divinity is with us, part of us, and surrounding us, allows us to feel we are not alone.

“The biggest insight is that God is always with me and never apart from me, and that I can talk to and communicate and access God, and I can be aware of and receive assistance any time I wish,” he explained.

Once we understand we are connected to all things, we will find a sense of peace, and it will be easier to deal with the challenging moments of life, said Walsch. We will look at life in a whole different way and find an inner serenity we never dreamed possible.

“These things can be found through meditation, prayer or other spiritual practice, but I’m talking about having those experiences in your every day life,” he said. “All of life turns out to be a meditation, and all of life turns out to be a prayer.”

Walsch explained that once we understand and apply these three secrets, all we want will be given to us. “God said, ‘your life has nothing to do with you. It has to do with everyone whose life you touched,” said Walsch.

His new book, “The Only Thing That Matters”, will be released this month – Oct. 16, 2012, but is available for preorder now.