VIDEO: Marianne Williamson Running for Congress

New York Times bestselling author and spiritual teacher, Marianne Williamson, announced her candidacy for election to the U.S. House of Representatives from California’s Congressional District 33.

Williamson brings to the candidacy a 30-year career as a speaker, counselor and author, having written 10 books, including “Healing the Soul of America,” in 1997. She also founded the non-profit organization in Los Angeles called Project Angel Food, which is a meals on wheels program that feeds home-bound people with AIDS and other life-challenging illnesses. She is also the founder of The Los Angeles and Manhattan Centers for Living, providing non-medical support services for people living with life-challenging illnesses, and co-founded The Peace Alliance, based on the campaign to establish a Unites States Department of Peace.

“I do not think of this move as a career change. Rather, I feel I’m further expanding my work by taking the transformational principles to which I have dedicated myself for the last 30 years into another area where they are sorely needed,” Williamson wrote on a blog at her new site, “We have developed, over the last few decades, a system of legalized corruption in the United States, in which those with money are accorded much more political influence than those who are without. And that is not democracy. If only those with financial leverage can wield political influence, then those without such leverage – children, for instance – too easily see their interests sidelined.”

Running against Congressman Waxman, Williamson said she does not think of him as an opponent, but as someone running for the same position, and does not feel that she would be better at the job – just different.

“When it comes to issues of the environment and holding banking institutions accountable, I would seek to continue Mr. Waxman’s legacy,” she said. “But, I will bring to the position an additional set of priorities, and a new consciousness regarding our political discourse. From child poverty to mass incarceration to the corruption of our food supply to more enlightened peace-building measures – and, most particularly, to our need to counter the assault on our democracy through gerrymandering and the undue influence of money on our politics – I bring a new set of priorities and new energy with which to express them.”

Waxman has been a Congressman for 38 years, and what Williamson plans to bring is “fresh ideas,” to the role, she explained on her site. “A new conversation is required now, and the political status quo – even the best of it – cannot provide that. Waxman knows many things because he’s been in Congress for 38 years, but I know many things because I have not been. Institutional memory is important in any organization, but so are fresh ideas,” she stated.

Although she is a Democrat, Williamson is running as an Independent because she is “interested in a new conversation in American politics,” that she doesn’t believe “can be contained by any political party.”

Williamson hopes the campaign will give people who have not participated in a Congressional campaign in the past inspiration to become more involved.

“What needs to be done now can’t be done only from the sidelines; those of us who share the values of this campaign need to stand on them, run on them and win on them,” she said. “This way we’ll reclaim our democracy and do our part to help save the world.”

Watch Williamson on Larry King in the video below:

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Attract Your Soulmate Now Day 1: Arielle Ford & Marianne Williamson

The “Attract Your Soulmate Now” online series by Evolving Wisdom kicked off the first day with bestselling author of “The Soulmate Secret,” Arielle Ford and bestselling author Marianne Williamson.

When it comes to attracting love, the real question is not how do we attract love, but rather what are we doing to repel love or keep it at bay, Williamson said. Many of us are carrying around baggage from old relationships or experiences from our childhood, and these things may be affecting our attraction factor.

“I know my father loved me, but like millions of other people, I felt an emotional withhold at puberty,” Williamson shared. “We grow up and understand and recognize it, but if we did not feel totally cherished emotionally by our father figure or if a man did not feel respected as men from the mother figure, we carry that into adulthood.”

Williamson said she looks to God or a higher power to repair her on “the immortal plane where these wounds do not exist.” It is in this realm where we are “divinely parented by a father, mother God.” As long as we make this our primary relationship, then when we enter into a relationship with a man or women, we are already complete and not looking for the other person to fill this role.

“The mistakes I make with men are the same with my friends, my daughter or anyone else, and has to do with the various layers of defense,” she explained. “Real love is an ego death – the surrender of the false belief of separation.”

The ego does whatever it can to keep love at bay through anger, attack, selfishness and blame. The job is not to become more loving, because all we truly are is love. The real goal is to find the areas within ourselves to deflect love.

“It doesn’t matter how you got where you are, but where you are now. In my life, analyzing the things I did that I knew kept love at by did not free me,” Williamson noted. “What did and does was, ‘Dear God, Please take this from me.’”

7 Simple Shifts to Manifest Love
Arielle Ford shared seven simple shifts people need to make in order to manifest love in their lives, and explained how over the next 9 days of the online series “Attract Your Soulmate Now,” 50 experts will come together to address each area.

Shift 1 – Breaking Through Your Limiting Beliefs – We must let go of the stories and truths we believe and tell ourselves about what love means, such as ‘I can’t trust people who say they care about me,’ or ‘Even if I find love, my partner will leave.’ By holding onto these, we are actually pushing love away, Ford explained.

Shift 2 – Letting Go of Past Resentments – “You will never find the right person if you never let go of the wrong one,” Ford noted. If we are holding onto any emotional baggage from the past – either consciously or unconsciously – we are blocking the ability to attract new love into our lives. When we hold onto past injuries, they continue to hurt us in the present.

Shift 3 – Loving and Caring for Yourself – We have all heard how we need to love ourselves first before we can love another, but many people brush this off. However, in order to attract our soulmate, we need to be our own greatest fan and start taking excellent care of ourselves, Ford said. “Our relationships with others are a mirror of our relationship with ourselves,” she noted. “When you prioritize your emotional, physical and spiritual well-being, the result is you will radiate vitality and become a powerful magnet for pulling love into your life.”

Shift 4 – Tapping Into the Universe and Connecting to a Higher Power – Our purpose for having a relationship has shifted significantly over the past 25 years from security and procreation to longing for a deep connection and a partner who will support the development of our highest potential. Part of attracting this is to be in touch with a force greater then ourselves.

Shift 5 – Getting in Sync with the Opposite Sex – Men and women communicate differently and value different things in relationships. Understanding how the opposite sex ticks is a powerful tool for creating love, and in seminar 9 of the series, Dr. John Gray will reveal the real reason some women are attracted to bad boys and what to do about it, as well as why powerful women need a man and how to recognize your ideal partner.

Shift 6 – Exploring and Practicing the Art of Communication – Even though we know how important good communication is, many of us suffer heartache over a major communication breakdown with a romantic partner, said Ford. It’s important to understand how to do it well.

Shift 7 – Discovering and Embracing New Dating Skills – “There is no area of attracting love that can be quite as intimidating or scary or confusing as the modern age of dating,” Ford noted. Today’s electronic age means we need to understand that dating has gone digital and what the best ways to approach it are for us to achieve success.

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Marianne Williamson on Embracing the Law of Divine Compensation

Although the world we see with our physical senses is often one of struggle, scarcity, unfair competition and fear, bestselling author Marianne Williamson explained the universe is truly made up of love and miracles – and any time we find ourselves entrenched in the world of fear, knowing the universe is both self-organizing and self-correcting is where we can find our power.

“The universe is an infinite, creative possibility machine,” she explained in a recent live online seminar, based on her book “The Law of Divine Compensation.” “It is creating one opportunity after another, and it is based not on what you have done, but what you are now.”

The universe is programmed to compensate for when we make a wrong turn or when it seems something is taken from us by someone else, she explained. In the mind of God there is a blueprint for us, and our destination is complete self-actualization or enlightenment. Each of us is given special gifts to create at the highest level, and nature wants to create things through each of us.

“You don’t have to go out and make anything happen,” she noted. “We need to place ourselves in a position where we can allow things to happen.”

When it comes to work and career, the daily prayer she offered in the seminar is: “Dear God, Where would you have me go? What would you have me do? What would you have me say, and to whom?”

“The most powerful statement you can make for a great career is, ‘Dear God, please use me. Here are my talents; here are my abilities – use me,” she said. “The true you knows your job is to be the person God would have you to be.”

Whether its work, money or relationships, by aligning with our true selves, and knowing the universe will lead us back on the right path, we can magnetize anything. The Christ, Buddha mind within us is a magnet, while the rational mind separated from love is not, she said.

“As long as I am aligned with the thinking of my true self, I do not self-sabotage,” Williamson explained. “If I’m not aligned with that thinking, then by definition I will self-sabotage.”

Giving a new meaning to the fairytale Cinderella, Williamson compared the wicked stepmother to the human ego, and the fairy godmother to our spirit. Her magic wand is focused thought, and when she waves it, light envelopes Cinderella and transforms her on the material plane, she said.

“Light is spiritual understanding, and when the fairy godmother pointed her wand at Cinderella, the light turned her rags into a dress, the mice into coachman, the pumpkin into a coach,” she said. “The fairy godmother is the Holy Spirit or the spirit within you. We need the light in the want to transform our current circumstances.”

It is up to us whether we activate the law of divine compensation or not – and we do so by aligning with the energy of God and miracles with every thought that passes through out minds. In the book, “The Law of Divine Compensation: On Work, Money and Miracles,” Williamson states:

“The practical issue is whether we choose thoughts that activate or deactivate the Law of Divine Compensation. We activate it with every loving thought. We deactivate it when we give more credence to the reality and the power of the material world than to the reality and power of love.”

For more on Marianne Williamson, including how to apply “A Course in Miracles” to love relationships, see our June 2012 issue cover story.

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