VIDEO: My Manifestation Ritual to Set Intentions

If you are trying to manifest something, this post is for you!

I’m sharing the exact manifestation ritual I used to manifest my soulmate, and it can be adapted to manifest anything you are working on creating now!

After doing this ritual, I met my soulmate 8 months later, and we are still together and happy today (more than two years later!)

When you add a ritual to your intention setting process, it amps up the energy — but you also have to let it go to the Universe and know it’s on the way to you.

I share exactly how to do it (and adapt it to what you are manifesting) in this week’s video!

Happy Manifesting!

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VIDEO: Letting Go of the Outcome with Tammy Mastroberte

When it comes to the law of attraction, how many times have you heard that you need to let go of attachment or let go of the outcome?

Have you ever been confused about exactly what that means, or how to actually do it?

It took me a while to wrap my head around this one too, but I narrowed it down to two things I believe are key to letting go of the outcome, and understanding how and why it works when trying to manifest something into our lives.

Watch this week’s video to find out what they are and how they can help you!

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VIDEO: Make Anything Feel Good to Manifest More by Tammy Mastroberte

Is there anything you do on a daily or weekly basis  . . .  or even only once each year  . . .  that you don’t enjoy?

Or that you may even dread?

Did you know that any time you don’t feel good, it drags down your vibration and your ability to attract the positive things you desire?

In this video, I offer some ways you can make ANYTHING you do feel GOOD. Seriously!

Try one of these the next time you are faced with a task at home, work or anywhere else that you don’t enjoy, and watch the energy change!

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VIDEO: Create Your Ideal Future

When it comes to the law of attraction, we are told to visualize our goals as though we already achieved them. This is true, and has worked for many, but for some reason, we tend to focus on the big things — the relationship, the job, the house.

But the power of our imagination is not just for the big things. It’s for everything.

In this week’s video, I share how to create the ideal outcome for your day or a particular event, and how the small wins we discover empower us to go after the bigger goals with more faith and knowing.

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4 Tips for Daily Gratitude

The topic of gratitude is not new.

We KNOW it helps raise our vibration, instantly improves our mood, and helps us attract our desires.

But are you bringing gratitude into your daily life?

Maybe you have a gratitude journal that you write in each morning or evening. But what if there were simple things you could do to incorporate even MORE of gratitude’s healing powers into your day?

In the below video, I share 4 tips for daily gratitude, and if you take just one of them, and incorporate it into your life, I promise you will see a difference.

How do you incorporate gratitude into your day? Comment below!

Using a Training Principle to Build Law of Attraction Success

By Sherry Winn

A few years ago, there was a big explosion around the law of attraction (LOA) due to the book, “The Secret.” The law of attraction was a buzzword. It seemed everybody was saying it. People were grabbing onto it like a lifeline, spouting out the words they had read as if the words themselves were going to produce mass miracles.

Then, like most fads, the fervor died down a bit. Many people claimed it was a conspiracy, a lie, or a plot to make money. After all, they had tried the philosophy behind the law of attraction and it had not worked for them; therefore, it must be false.

The problem with most people is when they heard about the law of attraction, they wanted to use it to solve their biggest issues on the first try. This is a little like being drastically out of shape and then deciding on your first run to conquer a marathon. If you had never run in your life except in elementary school on the playground, it might be a bit naïve of you to expect success on your first run.

If you were training for a marathon, even if you had been running three miles a day for several years, you wouldn’t go out on your first day and try to run 26 miles. You would know to gradually increase your mileage from three miles to six to 10, and then an occasional very long run. You would not expect your body to be able to adapt to 26 miles just because you decided you wanted to run that far. You would understand the necessity for starting small and building toward success.

This training principle is exactly the same for learning to use the law of attraction. You want to start with small steps, gain confidence and then build toward bigger goals.

In fact, when I heard about the law of attraction and the premise of it sounded so simple, I decided I wanted to heal my principal issue, chronic pain, which had caused me the biggest heartache. This made sense to me, because if there was a solution to my chronic pain, then I wanted to be able to cure it.

Here were the challenges that occurred for me when I went after my biggest issue first:

1.   I was too wrapped around the issue emotionally.

2.  My emotions were charged with negativity (pain and fear).

3.  I felt intense desire (which feeds the lack of something).

4.  It was difficult to get in alignment with the feeling of having something when I NEEDED it so badly.

5.  Because I had not experienced success with working with the LOA, I was working from a place of doubt, which brought in negative vibrations.

Needless to say I wasn’t successful which made me initially believe the LOA didn’t work, but because I was an athletic coach at the time, I also knew the importance of breaking down a skill in order to learn it. I decided to train for the LOA like I would train for a game. After all, I would never expect my athletes to succeed without breakdowns and repetitions of the skills I wanted them to learn.

Some of the things I learned which helped ease my pain and give me my lives back are:

1.  I practiced on something which wasn’t highly charged for me emotionally like getting a parking space.

2.  I focused on seeing what I wanted and feeling myself having it.

3.  I let go of any of the attachment I had to getting it.

4.  I had faith and belief that it would come to me at the right time.

5.  If I didn’t succeed on the first try, I let it go. Beating myself up over failure only added more negative energy.

I learned, as I practiced, I could manifest more things.

AND you can too.

Start with something small, something that doesn’t have a highly charged emotion attached to it. Gain confidence and knowledge, and then build toward your other goals.

Sherry Winn - The Law of AttractionSherry Winn is an author, EFT Practitioner, Certified Law of Attraction and Master Life Coach and a motivational speaker, whose topics include “Making the Impossible Possible,” “Loving Challenges,” and “Catching Your Dreams.” As a former elite athlete competing at the Olympic Games in 1984 and 1988 in the sport of team handball and head collegiate coach for 23 years, she possesses a deep passion for helping others become motivated to reach their highest levels of success.

Winn overcame her fears and limitations when she contracted chronic pain at the age of 33 and was told by 17 different medical professionals there was no answer. Through books, meditation, mentors and Webinars, she discovered the power of healing through positive thinking. 

To receive a free 50-minute Law of Attraction coaching session, or more information about Winn, she can be contacted by email at, through her website at or on Facebook.

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